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When you bring Fido out into your yard, keep the pup from urinating on any of your prized garden flora. Dog urine contains waste products that can harm your plants, resulting in burned, wilted leaves and in some cases, the death of the plant itself. Avoid issues with your dog's urine harming your plants by designating a plant-free zone in your yard that your pup can use to eliminate. Dog urine is rich in urea, a nitrogen compound, and alkaline salts, which are chemical waste products of the canine digestive system. Our canine companions ingest meat-based proteins, and when their bodies break these proteins down, nitrogen-rich waste products and salts result. These waste products are eliminated from a dog's body by the kidneys through the urine.
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Woman forced to apologise for watching porn in China | Daily Mail Online

By Tracy You For Mailonline. A school in China which claims it could train women to be 'virtuous ladies' has sparked an outcry with its controversial ideology. In the so-called 'woman's morality class' in Fushun, which appeared to be popular, female students are taught that they should be submissive, house bound and living without any personal pursuits but their husband's and family's. Women who have in the past watched porn, skipped housework and had more than one boyfriend would be condemned by the school which was founded by a man, as video reports on Chinese media show.
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Rape within the family: The Philippines' silent incest problem

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