Utah Power (888) 221-7070 pacificorp.com
  All lots have a junction box at, or within a short distance of the property line. Utah Power will provide 100 feet from the junction box free. If you decide to run a line more than 100 feet, the cost ranges from $3.82 to $5.05 per foot.
Qwest (800) 491-0118  qwest.com
Panorama Hills Water Company
  The hook-up fee is $5,500. The water is metered and cost $15/month plus $.70 per thousand gallons. The annual average cost per user in 2005 was $35.80 per month. Recently, a lot of money was spent upgrading the system and it is currently top notch. The water quality is excellent.
  Private septic systems are required.  Test holes dug on Block 3 Lot 2 established that a basic septic system could easily be used.  See Letter from District 7 Health Department. Individual lots may differ.
Internet - high speed wireless
  Microserve (208) 528-6161 ida.net
  Teton Wireless tetonwireless.com/